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Steadtler Pencil Case


  Staedtler Pencil Case picture
  What sets this Staedtler pencil box apart from the other boxes on the shelf is its overall simplification of form and colours. The rectangular shape with its rounded corners and edges allow for the embossed logos to stand out as the only details. This attention to branding as well as the simple form, fit the Staedtler image which is associated with quality stationery products. The pencil box is available in many different two-colour combinations, so everyone will find one they like.

These factors give the pencil box a unique modern and sophisticated look, which makes it desirable to primary school and college students alike, broadening the market range further than competing products.

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shopping basket


  Shopping Basket picture

With this basket we tried to focus on the ergonomics of the handle: Ensuring that there were no sharp edges and keeping a rounded feel, whilst still maintaining a good sense of design. A rubber grip area was added to the handle to increase the sense of comfort as well as adding an extra touch of quality to the product.

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chatter platter



  Chatter Platter picture
  The Chatter Platter is a plastic plate designed for social events where finger food and snacks may be offered; such as a cocktail party. The cup on the corner can be removed and replaced with a wine glass. This allows the user to walk around and interact with other people without having to put their glass or plate down.

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Feather duster handle



  Feather Duster handle picture


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  Backpack picture
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Shampooch Shampoo Dispenser


  Shampooch picture
Designed for pet owners and groomers alike, this brush makes the dog washing process a lot easier by incorporating a refillable compartment for dog shampoo into a dog brush. This allows one to apply the shampoo whilst brushing, helping to spread the shampoo and work it into the fur.

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Tomato Sauce Dispenser


  Tomato Sauce Dispenser picture


Ray-Ban Display Cabinet


  Ray-Ban Cabinet picture

In collaboration with Ray-Ban and a sunglasses retail outlet, we designed a stand that could hold a certain amount of stock as well as provide ample storage. Security, durability and lighting were also important.

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Wine Cooler


  Wine Cooler picture


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